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Remember the “honeymoon” period or the “love is in the air” days when you couldn’t wait to commit to each other whether that was by marriage or moving in together? Of course, there were small disagreements, little arguments here and there, but they were always easy to overcome. Now as the months and years have passed, those little disagreements have become larger problems and occasional arguments have turned into fights.

Perhaps you’ve lost that bond you once felt and at times question if you made the right decision committing to your significant other. Or, maybe you guys lack communication or do not communicate in a healthy way. No matter what the reason, I am able to provide you and your loved one an unbiased and non-judgmental view of your relationship in a safe and relaxing environment in which we can explore your challenges – and their solutions.
Are You Ready for Couples Counseling?

But how do you know when you may need or benefit from marriage/couples counseling? Will couples therapy just put you more at odds with one another? Is the relationship too damaged to repair? All of these questions — and others — may be circulating in your head if you’re in the middle of a rocky relationship. And that’s normal. It’s natural to fear to face the break-down of a cherished relationship head-on. This is why many people delay couples therapy a long time — until the disagreements, discord, and disharmony becomes too much for them.

Odds are, if you’re reading this page right now, you might be at a time in your relationship where a therapist’s assistance and guidance would make a difference. Here’s a quick — and by no means fully inclusive — list of things that might signal that marriage/couples’ counseling could help and save your relationship:

At Silver Lining Couseling Practice, I can help with these concerns and more, guiding you both thoughtfully and respectfully toward a mutually-beneficial outcome. With couples’ therapy, the process is designed to reestablish a common bond and relationship that allows both partners to integrate the things that are important to them.

This integration leads to a stronger bond and, hopefully, a rekindling of the alliance you once cherished. Couples counseling will allow you and your partner to explore communication and emotions and work through disagreements within a safe and enriching environment, for meaningful growth. In equipping you both with the tools you need to go forward together in harmony, we typically explore some of the following areas of concern:

You could be facing any of these issues — or others not listed here. Just as no two people are alike, no two relationships share the same characteristics. That’s why we’ll explore a therapy treatment plan that’s right for the issues, concerns, and problems the two of you face in your unique relationship.

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If you live in or near Montclair NJ, there’s no need to wait to get the therapy you need for your relationship concerns. Silver Lining Counseling Practice is located at 45 Park St, Suite 9, Montclair NJ. Near Park Street Academy Elementary School.

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