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Are there incidences where family members struggle to keep the peace in your home? Maybe there are repetitive and unresolved arguments, bickering which interferes with trying to provide a nurturing stable environment for your family. At times we get stuck devoting most of our time and energy to try to manage a difficult behavior in one — or more — of our children, it can be hard to have anything left over to have a nurturing relationship with ourselves and other family members – including our spouse.

If your child is exhibiting tantrums and is often out of control despite your best efforts, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. This feeling of being overwhelmed isn’t limited to parenting young children. Adolescent behavior can also contribute to the feeling that you’ve lost your direction — and control — as a parent.

Rebellious teenagers can seem unmotivated, moody, or even angry. You may worry that your child is experimenting with alcohol, drugs, or even sex. And if there are co-parents involved, the distress and difficulty can be multiplied. Dealing with family issues such as these often leads to feelings of helplessness, anger, hurt, and exhaustion. You just want peace. The good news? You’re not alone.

Family Conflict is Common

Most families experience some conflict as they learn how to live together as a unit. It’s when this conflict affects the daily lives of you or your family members on a regular basis that when having a safe space and the guidance of a concerned and knowledgeable therapist can be invaluable. Family therapy can be the right choice for working through traumatic family events like death, illness, or divorce.

It can help you sort through the challenges of parenting young children and teens, especially in today’s modern world which is constantly surrounded by technology and social media. Due to social media, our adolescents are stuck in a world that is not real and they are identifying with this unrealistic world.

Are You Ready for Family Counseling?

There are a lot of things that can contribute to discord in a family. Here are some signs that you and your family may find a therapist’s assistance helpful in restoring family harmony:

While all families experience some of these factors occasionally when they become frequent enough to cause constant dissatisfaction, unhappiness, or trouble — it’s time to act.

How Family Therapy Can Help Your Family Heal

Family therapy gives all family members the chance to focus on listening to one another in a safe, relaxed setting at a time set aside just for this purpose. By allowing family members to express themselves in a controlled, calm environment under guidance from an impartial third party, you open up the channels of communication — and healing.

I have been doing extensive research on adolescents and the effects of social media/technology, I will be able to help you develop an arsenal of new, powerful parenting tools that will help you — and your children — cope with today’s rapidly changing world. I’ll act as a compassionate, non-judgmental ally to allow your teens and young children to express their thoughts, emotions, and pain so they can begin to open up, communicate, and learn to regulate their emotions in a healthy manner.

Counseling Services to Bring Your Family Together Again in Montclair, NJ

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